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A short overview

UAB RESURSAS is founded in 2013 and now is one of a highly developing mechanical Contractors for Customers all over the Globe.

UAB RESURSAS is specialized in serving its` Customers` needs with a wide variety of mechanical related services and supervision under one umbrella. UAB RESURSAS is a highly qualified, fully capable and knowledgeable Contractor ready to complete erection related works for Oil & Gas, Pulp & Mill, Food, Marine and other industrial sectors. UAB RESURSAS have successfully finished many projects in Scandinavian countries, European countries and its` neighbors in the Baltic States when the number of our manpower reached 150 qualified and experienced workers. Our extensive experience leveraged us to develop and streamline our processes to deliver the highest quality of work while maintaining competitive pricing for our clients.

Furthermore, UAB RESURSAS carries out various mechanical and construction related works such as fitting, welding, erection of static equipment, scaffolding and insulation. Our certified and experienced supervision staff personally oversee each job as the on-site project Manager to ensure that the quality of work is delivered. We understand that the success of a construction project revolves around setting a strict schedule and building close relations with our Customer. Our vigilant attention to this schedule and our exceptional ability to work with Customers and subcontractors makes exceed construction’s reputation what it is today solid and strong.

UAB RESURSAS is certified for ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; OHSAS 18001:2007; VCA 2008/5.1 we have also all other certificates necessary to perform mechanical construction services.

UAB RESURSAS mission is to supply our Customers with the highest level of safety and quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices and to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral clients achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timelines, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.

UAB RESURSAS exists to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in all relationships with our Suppliers, Sub-contractors and Customers.

Reliability – responsibility, integrity, respect for clients, employees, and the public;
Goal achievement – result-oriented, competitive ability increase, dynamism;
Transparency – positive approach to new challenges, changes, innovations.

Highly qualified employees are the most valuable assets of the Company. We appreciate competence and skills as well as willingness for improvement of every employee. Teamwork, mutual respect, close cooperation between the management and employees, positive psychological environment – key factors for Company success.

We as a construction company strive hard to stand up to the expectations of our employees, clients, partners and suppliers, whilst ensuring the health and safety during our activities, the best performing quality possible and to minimize the negative impact to the Environment. Moreover, we continuously look for new opportunities to expand our business and challenges to overcome.

UAB RESURSAS has aimed to expand and branch out into several lines of business by introducing:

  • A comprehensive Management and Execution of Projects & Shutdowns;
  • Prefabrication, transportation and erection of Pipe Spools and Steel Structures;
  • Subcontractor function executions;
  • High qualified and experienced manpower leasing;
  • Offer us your project!
  • Effective functioning and improvement of the integrated management system based on international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007;
  • The Company’s activities are focused on particular processes; highlighting such key processes as marketing, contract performance scheduling, procurement, production, and corporate development;
  • Development of the analytical basis of production quality control;
  • Pollution risk mitigation during production operations;
  • Focusing on consumers, their requirements and needs as well as on regulatory, service provision, environmental, occupational safety and health quality compliance;
  • Comprehensive involvement of Company personnel in the field of quality assurance methods as well as environmental, and occupational safety and health;
  • Preventive approach enabling to avoid discrepancies, pollution, and occupational safety related problems;
  • Systematic approach to implementation of the quality management of environmental, occupational safety and health as a uniform system of correlating processes;
  • Pursuing corporate stability and profitability improvement as well as management system performance and efficiency increase;
  • Establishing clear personnel authority and responsibility limits and distribution thereof within activity areas. Skill development availability;
  • Service providers and product suppliers also must comply with the requirements set for high-quality product development, environmental and occupational safety;
  • Informing the public about our policy and progress in operational process improvement.

Benefits you get by selecting us:

  • Saving costs and time for recruitment and personnel screening;
  • Obtaining experienced and highly-qualified key personnel with a comprehensive supervision of Site Managers, Engineers, HSE Managers and Project Managers;
  • UAB RESURSAS may take a full responsibility for the whole process of the project implementation and announce the completed works only after a careful revision;
  • No more concerns about the payroll, taxes, daily allowances or legal requirements.