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UAB RESURSAS personnel engaged in project management and implementation are highly competent planners, engineers, project managers, work supervisors and technical supervision specialists with thorough technical knowledge, wide experience and holding relevant qualification certificates. We have long-term experience in management of EPC projects, subcontractors and the third parties.



Being fully aware of the demand for highly-qualified specialists in every area of the works, CJSC “Resursas” offers its qualified employees with excellent skills in reading and understanding construction drawings, the design of insulation systems as well as safety and work performance requirements. The expertise of our specialist team covers the following areas of insulation works: insulation and metal jacketing of various piping systems (cooling, air conditioning, hot water, petroleum product, liquid and gas), insulation of ductworks, fireproofing, soundproofing, insulation of special-purpose facilities with large temperature differences, insulation of equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, vessels or tanks, insulation of clean spaces and food processing facilities, insulation of equipment, premises and air ducts (in schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions), insulation of marine ventilation systems, and etc.


Nowadays, the number of projects that include works at weight is increasing, thus posing a risk of hazardous situations for employees. Protection of employees against all risks associated with the use of work equipment is vital for ensuring occupational health and safety. Therefore, scaffolding is used in order to achieve the required quality and safety of works at height and ensure workers and other people are not exposed to health and safety hazards. From the safety standpoint, scaffolding is the most common and simple way to have a safe working platform for work crews. CJSC “Resursas” offers a wide range of scaffolding works for new construction and renovation of buildings. Modern technologies and long-standing experience of CJSC “Resursas” team allows offering a variety of scaffolding to ensure safe and convenient access to any part of facility requiring maintenance, taking into consideration the applicable safety requirements and efficient performance provisions.


Employees of CJSC “Resursas” carry out assembly and welding work on ship hulls, installation of process pipelines as well as all the required assembly and welding work for each stage of ship hull construction: manufacture of panels and sections, manufacture of blocks and grand-blocks, hull assembly in the dock.

High competence and skills of our personnel enables our involvement in sophisticated projects and conversions. Our specialists carry out all the works necessary for ship repairs, i.e. involving metal, process pipeline, and interior installation work. Welders hold certificates issued by German TUV Thuringen, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas.

CJSC “Resursas” carries out the following high-quality and occupational safety compliant works:

  • Fabrication of metal structures;
  • Welding of pipelines and gas supply pipes;
  • Welding of low-carbon and low-alloy steel;
  • Welding of high-carbon and high-alloy steel;
  • Welding of heat durable and heat resistant steel;
  • Welding of beam-type reinforced steel;
  • Welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys applying electrode wire and tungsten electrode;
  • Welding of titanium and magnesium alloys;
  • Welding and brazing of copper and copper alloys;
  • Welding of cast iron applying stick electrodes;
  • Welding of thin-walled products (car bodies) by semiautomatic device;
  • Cold welding;
  • Welding of parts;
  • Restoration and repair welding;
  • Welding of black, special and stainless steel pipelines;
  • Welding of steel tanks and pressure vessels;
  • Cleaning and painting of container surfaces;
  • Installation of plastic and aluminium pipelines;
  • Non-destructive control of welding seams;
  • Heat treatment of welded joints;
  • Cleaning and painting of pipeline and process equipment surfaces.