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UAB RESURSAS by its own resources and/or involving business partners carries out various projects for a fixed lump-sum price. Project implementation team is formed by UAB RESURSAS. This team consists of employees in charge of pre-project activities, i.e. budget and cash flow planning, resource and time scheduling, contract development, and of employees directly working on site and supervising project progress. UAB RESURSAS personnel engaged in project management and implementation are highly competent planners, engineers, project managers, work supervisors and technical supervision specialists with thorough technical knowledge, wide experience and holding relevant qualification certificates. We have long-term experience in management of EPC projects, subcontractors and the third parties.

Any project starts with detailed customer demand and project analysis. A project is subject to analysis in technical, economic, regulatory and other relevant aspects.  Comprehensive performance monitoring is provided in the course of the entire project to ensure project implementation in qualitative and timely manner. Our company endeavours to ensure not only a smooth progress of work adhering to high-quality standards but also to follow stringent occupational safety and environmental policy. Project handover to a customer is carried out only after responsible revision, inspection and assessment of works completed.