Code of conduct for suppliers

 The scope of activities and business processes have a significant impact on the economic life of the country, therefore the Resursas, UAB pays exclusive attention to sustainable development and the implementation of social responsibility practises.

RELIABILITY – your aim is our aim. We set high standards for our services and take responsibility for our employees, services and processes.

RESPECT – we respect our clients, partners, shareholders, local community and employees. We are ethical and tolerant to all opinions. We believe that mutual respect for everyone’s work and contribution helps to achieve common goals.

PROGRESS – we always seek for continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of competency. Innovation is an inseparable aspect of our business and we strive that our solutions keep pace with global challenges and changes.

RESPONSIBILITY – our company cares about every client, employee, every project and task. We adhere to high ethical standards and always fulfil our promises.

EMPLOYEES – we build competency and seek for healthy work environment. We create personal development opportunities for every team member as we want people to progress and feel valued.

COOPERATION – we pay an exceptional attention to our clients’ needs and concerns. We actively cooperate and share knowledge with our partners to ensure clear communication and understanding of what is expected from us. We promote sustained and mutual partnership. We always seek to exceed expectations and create an added value to clients’’ business.

These are the values ​​that unite us, here at Resursas, UAB and it is part of our long-term strategy.  We have developed a code of conduct for suppliers in order to ensure that our contractors and other suppliers also follow these principles for their activities.

Our obligations to suppliers

Resursas, UAB continuously strives to improve its activities and make the best business decisions to adhere to the highest operating standards. This is what our partners, customers and employees expect from us. We seek to create a culture which is based on the principles of shared responsibility for the health and safety of employees, human rights, business ethics, quality of life and our impact on local communities.

We promote sustainable management of natural resources, environmental protection and efficient supply chain and we ask the same from our suppliers during our cooperation. We strive to establish sustainability and responsibility in all procurement processes, including supplier evaluation and selection processes.  Resursas, UAB considers the code of conduct of suppliers to be inseparable part of cooperation with external partners. We believe, that active dialogue and close cooperation with our partners allows us to successfully develop our business and have a positive impact not just for us but also for our suppliers as well as benefit social and business environments.

What do we expect from our suppliers

We cooperate with the best suppliers who are constantly improving their activities and striving to meet the growing market expectations, and we encourage them to implement and improve responsible business practices that comply with the guidelines of the Resursas, UAB code of conduct for suppliers.

We want to work with suppliers that understand and support our vision and who continuously seeks to improve business practises in the following areas:


Ensures the health and safety of workers

  • The supplier must comply with all legal health and safety regulations;
  • The supplier must ensure safe working conditions by implementing appropriate procedures, certified OSH management systems and / or internal programs, as well as practices and solutions to prevent accidents or any occupational injuries and illnesses of its employees;
  • The supplier has set clear safety targets to minimise the risk of work-related accidents: monitors, analyses and records the implementation of these targets and other activities related to the continuous improvement of safety at work.

Aims to ensure dignified and non-discriminatory working conditions

  • The supplier complies with all legal requirements governing employment relationships;
  • The supplier ensures equal opportunities and equal working conditions for all employees;
  • The supplier does not tolerate bullying and harassment at work;
  • The supplier manages employees responsibly, ensuring the safety of staff, providing opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge and also offer good work-life balance.

Respect for human rights

  • The supplier ensures equal rights and opportunities for all employees, and shall not take any action that discriminates employees or other stakeholders (e.g. customers) based on their sex, race, nationality, language, ethnic origin, social status, religion, belief or political opinion;
  • The supplier shall respect the right of employees to form organisations, if the aim of these organisations does not conflict with applicable laws.

Continuous improvement in environmental impact management

  • The supplier shall comply with legal acts regulating the impact of its activities on the environment;
  • The supplier continuously assesses the impact of its activities to the environment and takes efforts to reduce the impact of any negative activities;
  • The supplier has set clear targets to reduce the negative impact on the environment of its activities.

Responsible purchase and use of materials

  • The supplier seeks to purchase materials responsibly, considering environmental factors;
  • The supplier uses materials and natural resources effectively and rationally.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • The supplier seeks to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, generated directly or indirectly by the supplier’s activities, to the extent that is allowed by the nature of the supplier’s business.

Responsible waste management

  • The supplier complies with the requirements of waste management legislation;
  • The supplier seeks to reduce the amount of waste generated by its activities;
  • The supplier ensures proper waste management, including cooperation with waste recyclers, in order to reduce negative effect of waste to the environment.

Responsible management of the impact of the supplier’s activities on society and the environment

  • In order to ensure continuous business development and responsible management of the business’s impact on the environment and the quality of social life, it is necessary to set appropriate goals and principles in a form that is comprehensible to employees and other stakeholders. Therefore, the supplier has established principles of sustainability and responsibility of the activities of its operations and the measures for their implementation. In addition, supplier has relevant documents that set out the priorities of the supplier’s activities in the field of environmental protection, social welfare and overall management practices.


  • The Supplier does not tolerate any form of corruption in its activities;
  • When faced with corruption, the supplier takes strict measures to eliminate them and deter them in the future.

High standards of business ethics

  • In all areas of activity, the supplier follows the principles of ethical conduct;
  • The supplier seeks to implement solutions that increase the awareness of employees and managers and the understanding of the principles of ethical behavior.


Resursas, UAB code of conduct for suppliers applies to all suppliers, partners and contractors cooperating and working with Resursas, UAB.

We expect our suppliers to continuously improve social, environmental and business ethics standards set out in the Resursas, UAB code of conduct for suppliers and to take appropriate corrective actions in the event of incompatibility with responsible business principles. At the same time, Resursas, UAB is committed to support and encourage suppliers to raise their awareness of responsible business practices and develop activities that follow principles of sustainability and responsibility. We believe that respect and adherence to the standards and principles outlined in this document will greatly contribute towards strengthening cooperation and partnership with our suppliers and other interested parties.