Code of conduct

The activities of Resursas, UAB are based on strong values ​​that guide us while carrying out and constantly improving our activities. We strive for a sustainable competitive advantage, so it is especially important to us that our customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders trust our expertise and the quality of the services we provide. We believe that our success strongly depends on the success of our customers, partners and employees, so our long-term goal is to maintain the reputation of reliable contractor, partner and employer. We do our business responsibly, considering the reasonable expectations of customers, partners and employees. We work honestly, ethically and in compliance with legal requirements. The company’s reputation is our strongest value. We respect the rights of everyone, advocate healthy working conditions and do not tolerate corruption or any other kinds of illegal activities. In order to achieve our strategic goals, we have recruited a team of competent professionals who are constantly improving their skills and knowledge and for whose ethical behavior is an integral rule of day-to-day operations. This ethical code applies to all areas of our business activities, therefore we strive and believe that all employees of Resursas, UAB respect and follow these principles.

Our vision

To become the leading and most reliable mechanical contractor in Lithuania and Europe and build long term relationships with our clients.

Our mission

To provide the highest quality services and continuously develop our existing recourses to create a competitive advantage for our business partners.

Our values

Our company’s activities are based on the following values:

RELIABILITY – your aim is our aim. We set high standards for our services and take responsibility for our employees, services and processes.

RESPECT – we respect our clients, partners, shareholders, local community and employees. We are ethical and tolerant to all opinions. We believe that mutual respect for everyone’s work and contribution helps to achieve common goals.

PROGRESS – we always seek for continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of competency. Innovation is an inseparable aspect of our business and we strive that our solutions keep pace with global challenges and changes.

RESPONSIBILITY – our company cares about every client, employee, every project and task. We adhere to high ethical standards and always fulfill our promises.

EMPLOYEES – we build competency and seek for healthy work environment. We create personal development opportunities for every team member as we want people to progress and feel valued.

COOPERATION – we pay an exceptional attention to our clients’ needs and concerns. We actively cooperate and share knowledge with our partners to ensure clear communication and understanding of what is expected from us. We promote sustained and mutual partnership. We always seek to exceed expectations and create an added value to clients’’ business.

  1. Our obligations

Compliance with legislation

Compliance with legal requirements is an indisputable requirement for our company and its employees. Resursas, UAB and all employees of the company must comply with the applicable legal requirements of the local and other countries where works activities are performed. All employees of the company must avoid any illegal actions or activities that could harm not only them but also involve company itself or any other cooperating partner. The Company expects its employees to comply with all established laws in order to protect health, safety and the environment, as well as to obtain all necessary permits and perform their work in strict compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Public relations

Our company pays huge attention to the quality of information that is being published about our activities and strives to publish transparent and reliable content about our activities. We disclose all information about our activities in strict accordance with the requirements established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and based on the principles of authenticity, efficiency, quality and informativeness. To any third parties who are not customers or partners of the company, the company provides related information only through appointed personnel of Resursas, UAB. The employees of the company are prohibited from disclosing any confidential information to third parties including information related to one’s duties, or which is known or otherwise accessible due to their duties. Employees are also prohibited from disclosing confidential information to other employees of the company who do not have the right or need to know it.

Environmental protection

We are committed to planning and carrying out work using effective measures to significantly reduce our negative impact on the environment.

We comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System”, that provides measures and guidance for reducing negative impact on the environment. We aim to continuously improve our environmental management activities and to ensure that environmental policy is applied and adhered to in every project.

We constantly invest in a variety of renewable energy sources, maximise recycling and, where possible, reduce operational waste. In our activities, we aim to reduce energy and water consumption. One of our top priorities is to gradually reduce CO2 emissions through the use of advanced and modern environmental measures and practises.

  1. Fair business practises in the company

Principles of leadership

Every employee of Resursas, UAB has the right to fair management. Leadership is based on openness and trust. Our main criteria for good management are open, active and appreciative communication with our employees. Every employee has the right to know the strategic goals of department and business itself, including personal goals and future prospects.  

We follow generally accepted principles of leadership: 

  • We seek leadership by leading by example;
  • We challenge ourselves;
  • We promote the development of personal skills and professional knowledge;
  • We seek for innovation;
  • We take care of our employees;
  • Regardless of position or status, we are open to communication and collaboration;
  • We give authority and encourage responsibility.

Following these principles, we make decisions and carry out our daily activities.

2.2 Relationships with colleagues and work environment

Relationships with employees are based on long-term cooperation, mutual respect, openness and commitment. We create safe working conditions for each employee. All employees must behave in a professional manner during their work: be correct, polite, follow the rules of communication ethics and behave in such a way that their actions would not damage the company’s reputation. While away from work, all employees should avoid any situations where their negative behaviour could be related to the company or in any way affect its reputation. We do not tolerate psychological, physical or emotional violence.

2.3 Equality and discrimination

We apply an equal opportunities personnel management policy that complies with legal requirements and universally recognised individual and collective human rights and freedoms. All employees are provided with equal opportunities at work. All employees are guaranteed equal working conditions, opportunities to improve their qualifications, seek for training, gain practical work experience, as well as receive equal benefits regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, language, origin, disability, religion, social status, religion, belief or opinion. We prohibit any kind of discrimination at work. We prohibit any kind of harassment or pressure on employees for their moral beliefs. Every employee has the right to be treated fairly and respectfully by his or her superiors, subordinates and colleagues.

Bullying and harassment

The company promotes work environment that is free from bullying, intimidation or harassment. Our company does not tolerate any form of bullying – we believe in and adhere to the principle of mutual equality and respect in the workplace and demand that no active or passive actions are taken that could adversely affect a person’s honour and dignity. We do not tolerate any kind of bullying as we understand how harmful it is. We have implemented all necessary procedures to prevent such behaviour at work. Employees who believe they are being bullied or harassed should contact their line manager or director immediately. Complaints of bullying or harassment shall be dealt with as a matter of urgency and, given their nature and sensitivity, in confidence. If there is evidence of bullying or harassment, the company will take appropriate disciplinary action against the perpetrators, including dismissal.

Health and safety

Occupational health and safety is the main priority of the company, therefore we provide safe and healthy conditions in the workplace and constantly improve them. We implement all preventive measures and processes to prevent any harm to the safety of our workers. In our company, we have established occupational health and safety rules in compliance with legal acts and laws. Every worker of the company must be aware of and comply with the rules on health and safety at work including ones particular to him or her. In addition, employees must take care of the health and safety of other employees and inform their superiors or company executives about any unsafe conditions at workplaces.

Alcohol and other psychotropic substances in the workplace

We seek to create a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees, partners and customers. Therefore, the use of narcotic or psychotropic substances and alcohol in the workplaces of Resursas, UAB is strictly prohibited. The Company does not tolerate any illegal use and possession of psychoactive substances in the workplace, as well as their illegal disposal, distribution or production. It is forbidden to be intoxicated with psychoactive substances, including alcohol while working at company’s premises, worksites or vehicles. Same applies to our visitors and might be extended to subcontractors. 

  1. Relationships with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners

We seek for long-term business relationships that are mutually beneficial for us and our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners. Such relationships are based on mutual respect, honesty, professionalism, trust, commitment and effective communication. We treat all of our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners equally, without discrimination. We believe that active dialogue and close cooperation allows to achieve competitive advantage and continuous development as well as creates a positive impact on all stakeholders in both social and business environment. From our suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners we expect to continually improve the standards of social, environmental and business ethics and to take appropriate preventive or corrective actions in the event of business activities becoming inconsistent with the principles of responsible business. At the same time, Resursas, UAB takes responsibility to provide all possible support to suppliers, sub-contractors and other business partners to raise their awareness of operating as responsible business and develop activities that follows principles of sustainability and responsibility. We do not tolerate bribery or any other form of illegal money laundering when communicating with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners. We do not tolerate child labor and any other kind of forced labor.          

  1. Relationships with competitors

Our relations with competitors are based on the principles of honesty and mutual respect. While carrying out our activities, we comply with the requirements of applicable fair competition laws. We avoid situations where there is a risk that the principles of fair competition may be violated. If there are any disagreements or contradictions in relations with competitors, we always give priority to negotiations and encourage agreeing on compromises. We do not share information to our competitors about prices or pricing strategies, participation in tenders, our cost structure, strategic decisions and other information that is not public and should not be known to competitors.

  1. Corruption

We only seek for business deals that meet our company’s vision, interests and strategic goals. Negotiations and any other activities that could potentially be seen as an active or passive form of corruption or favouritism are strictly prohibited. Giving or receiving bribes from customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners is prohibited and under no circumstances are tolerated by the company. All our employees must avoid any actions that could damage company’s reputation or cause any other tangible and intangible damage. Our employees must refrain from any actions or transactions that are in conflict with the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union regarding the prevention of corruption and money laundering.