Integrated Management System

In order to become the leading company in the provision of mechanical installation works in Lithuania and Europe, Resursas, UAB (hereinafter – the company) provides high quality production, project management and other mechanical works services, develops long-term partnerships with customers, operates openly and honestly, applies advanced management practises including social responsibility principles in its activities, does not tolerate corruption, takes care of employees safety and educational programs and pays special attention to modern practises of environmental and employee safety protection.

To provide the highest quality services and continuously develop our existing recourses to create a competitive advantage for our business partners.

Our company’s activities are based on the following values:

RELIABILITY – your aim is our aim. We set high standards for our services and take responsibility for our employees, services and processes.

RESPECT – we respect our clients, partners, shareholders, local community and employees. We are ethical and tolerant to all opinions. We believe that mutual respect for everyone’s work and contribution helps to achieve common goals.

PROGRESS – we always seek for continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of competency. Innovation is an inseparable aspect of our business and we strive that our solutions keep pace with global challenges and changes.

RESPONSIBILITY – our company cares about every client, employee, every project and task. We adhere to high ethical standards and always fulfill our promises.

EMPLOYEES – we build competency and seek for healthy work environment. We create personal development opportunities for every team member as we want people to progress and feel valued.

COOPERATION – we pay an exceptional attention to our clients’ needs and concerns. We actively cooperate and share knowledge with our partners to ensure clear communication and understanding of what is expected from us. We promote sustained and mutual partnership. We always seek to exceed expectations and create an added value to clients’’ business.

Resursas, UAB is committed to:

  1. To guarantee the highest quality of the services by constantly evaluating and improving business processes and ensuring their efficiency, increasing investments in business development, continuously improve quality and performance, as well as optimising operating costs.
  2. Maximise attention to the needs of customers and partners, by monitoring and evaluating levels of their satisfaction, be aware of market trends and build strong partnerships by providing highest quality mechanical installation services that adhere to industry standards and requirements.
  3. Continuously increase the focus on environmental protection and gradually reduce the negative impact on environment and people.
  4. Continuously develop and modernise both business management techniques and solutions of technical works.
  5. Continuously Improve working conditions, eliminate health risks and hazards at work, actively control implementation of actions and procedures of prevention of accidents at work.
  6. Actively communicate with all employees regarding occupational health and safety issues.
  7. Develop the competence and awareness of workers, including but not limited to quality, environmental protection and health and safety areas.
  8. Promote a teamwork culture that is based on trust and ethical employee behaviour.
  9. To promote each employee’s participation in solving the issues of improving the Company’s processes, improvements of quality, environmental protection and health and safety at work, as well as to encourage employees to follow the business philosophy of meeting the needs of customers and partners.
  10. Continuously improve the integrated management system, monitor related risks, implement the necessary measures to ensure its effectiveness.

All of the activities and developments of the company follows integrated management system that complies with internationally accredited quality management (ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2), environmental management (ISO 14001), employee health and safety management (ISO 45001) standards and requirements.

The company’s integrated management system is being constantly reviewed and improved, is public and freely available to all interested parties. All employees of Resursas, UAB including companies working on behalf of Resursas, UAB has been introduced with this policy and must follow its provisions.