Mechanical installation works during 2021 Turnaround at oil refinery
(Finland, 2020 – ongoing)

• Inspection of prefabricated pipe spools

• Dismantling parts of old pipeline

• Installation of new piping

• Installation of supports and steel structures

• Replacement of columns, heat exchangers and pumps

• Welding, lifting & erection activities

• PWHT, NDT services

Mechanical installation works including technological piping prefabrication for new waste to energy (WTE) plant 
(United Kingdom, 2020 – ongoing)

•Off site prefabrication & on site installation of pipe spools

•Installation of pipe supports

•Supply of materials

•Installation of static equipment including heat exchangers, drums, filters & pumps

•Welding, erection, NDT services

Mechanical installation works for HES Hartel Tank Terminal
(Netherlands, 2020 – ongoing) 

•Installation of new piping systems

•Welding, fitting, erection & lifting works

•Installation of piping supports

•NDT applications


•Project’s supervision services

Installation of stainless steel piping systems at Blominmäki sewage treatment plant
(Finland, 2020 – ongoing) 

•Installation of new stainless steel piping systems

•Welding, fitting, erection & lifting works

•Installation of piping supports

•NDT applications


•Project’s supervision services

Mechanical installation works including prefabrication of pipe spools for new combined heat and power (CHP) plant
(Lithuania, 2019-2020)

•Prefabrication & installation of pipe spools & pipe supports

•Erection of pipelines

•Supply of materials

•Installation of static equipment

•Welding, erection, NDT works

•Insulation, painting works

Mechanical installation works including prefabrication for two new gas compressor stations (Gas Balticconnector project)
(Estonia, 2019 – 2020)

•Installation of two gas compressor stations

•Prefabrication of pipe spools

•Installation of pipe supports

•Welding, lifting & erection activities

•Installation of various equipment & apparatus

•Civil , supervision works

•WPQR preparation

•Material & equipment delivery works

•Commisioning & start-up

Mechanical works / Turnaround activities (pre/ta/ post) at Preem oil refinery
(Sweden, 2019)

•Prefabrication of HP/LP Amin piping

•Erection & welding of prefabricated pipes

•Installation of pipelines in piperacks

•Internal mechanical works for reactor

•Heat treatment services

•QA/QC services

Gas pipeline prefabrication and installation works at Klaipedos Nafta oil and gas terminal
(Lithuania, 2019)

•Prefabrication of pipe spools & NDT application

•Assembly & installation of pipe supports

•Welding & fitting works

•Installation of gas pipeline

•Installation of pipe supports

•Erection of rotating equipment

Recovery boiler maintenance
(Norway, 2019)

•Erection & welding of prefabricated pipes

•Boiler wall & floor tube panel repair works

•Supervision services

•Replacement of old piping systems & pipeline

•Coil replacement

Hålogaland bridge welding works
(Norway, 2018)

•Welding, fitting & installation of bridge elements , inserts

•Preparation of bridge segments, trapezoids & plates

•Flatness & distortion measurements

•Heat treatment

•Supervision / QA/ QC services

•2nd longest bridge in Norway

Extension of bitumen production unit
(Lithuania, 2018)

•Prefabrication & installation of over 110 tons of pipes & other steel structures

•Engineering, design, civil & electrical works

•Delivery of materials

•Installation of rotating equipment & hot taps

•Modernization of 8 bitumen tanks

•Erection, scaffolding & insulation works

•Pre – Commissioning, commisioning & documentation

Turnaround acitivities at Orlen Lietuva oil refinery
(Lithuania, 2018)

•Replacing 12 tons of internals of main reforming columns (supports, rings, trays, packing, active panels)

•Welding & fitting works

•Installation & repair of pipelines & instruments

•Installation of new liquid distributors & collectors

•Installation of grid layer

•Opening /closing apparatus

•Mechanical repairs, modernization of tanks

Recovery boiler maintenance & shutdown works
(Sweden, 2018)

•Welding & fitting activities during shutdown

•Repair & maintenance works of recovery boiler & pipeline

•Dismantling of old piping systems, coils & other internal parts

•Replacement of composite material tubes

•Boiler wall & floor tube panel repairs

Welding, erection & prefabrication works – SCA Östrand pulp mill
(Sweden, 2017)

•Erection & welding of pipe spools & static equipment

•Prefabrication of pipe spools & NDT

•Installation of over 350 tons of different steel grade primary & secondary supports

•Prefabrication of over 200 tons of piping

•Installation of 70 various pumps

•Supervision / documentation

Welding, erection,  prefabrication, construction works – Metsa Fibre bioproduct mill
(Finland, 2017)

•Erection & welding of primary & secondary supports

•Erection & welding of pipe & prefabricated pipe spools

•Installation of steel constructions

•Welding of different steel grade pipes

Shutdown works (pre- ta/ ta / post-ta) at UPM Kymi mill
(Finland, 2017)

•Installation & repair of piping

•Welding & erection works

•Preparation of static equipment ( blinding, opening, closing) for repair

•Inspection works

•Installation of over 20 tons of steel structures & new pipelines

•Activities & documentation for pre/during/post shutdown