Sustainability Initiative

At Resursas, UAB we have a high target image: we will contribute to a better future. For us, this means that we conduct our business in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way. We take our responsibility by doing responsible business and inspiring new, more sustainable solutions for our customers and partners. With us, sustainability is not a separate project, but integrated into our daily operations. We believe that sustainability is essential for the wellbeing of the industry, therefore we seek to protect the environment in all areas of our activities where possible.


Resursas, UAB is committed to plan and carry out works that have effective measures to minimise an impact to the environment. We follow the requirements of ISO 14001 “Environmental Management Systems” that guarantees respect for the environment as well as compliance with environmental legislation. A consistent focus on sustainability is one of our main priorities. It is important to us, that our choices and investments make a positive impact on the environment and improve resource efficiency.

  • We invest in various renewable energy sources such as solar farms to maximise recycling and reduce the amount of waste where possible;
  • We use energy-efficient products, tools and continuously upgrade manufacturing equipment and vehicles to greatly reduce carbon footprint and to protect human health;
  • We seek for continuous improvement of our environmental management activities and ensure that environmental policies are applied in every project.


Resursas, UAB is committed to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting and conserving the environment for future generations. This is primarily management responsibility as well as the responsibility of every employee of ours. We comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and adapt stringent standards for the protection of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

  • We promote equity and diversity and we seek to improve the quality of life or our workers as well as for people in local community;
  • We contribute by creating decent jobs that are approachable for people from different social and ethnic groups;
  • we support families in need, public events, donate to local charities and more.


We seek for innovation and creativity in developments that lead to a sustainable future. We acknowledge that the use of our resources and waste disposal must occur responsibly and within the capacity of our planet. We seek to be part of those companies that understand how important is to contribute towards sustainable development and apply relevant practises.

  • We always consider environment during our business planning and decision-making processes, including product / materials research, new manufacturing methods and acquisitions;
  • When possible, we leverage available resources in a way that is effective, responsible and likely to provide long-term benefits;
  • We work closely with our suppliers, customers and business partners to jointly achieve the highest possible environmental standards.

By building relationship with other environmental stakeholders, we seek to promote the development and communication of innovative solutions to industry environmental problems.